Top Paying Affiliate Programs That Break the Bank

Do you dream of making money while your days are spent in the comfort of your own home? With affiliate marketing, you can make that happen.

Affiliate marketing allows you to become your own boss. And you can make an income anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection.

If you’re just getting started, check out these five top paying affiliate programs you should be checking out:

1. eBay Partner Network

eBay has been online for over 20 years now, but many people are unaware of the fact that they have an affiliate program.

The large selection of products available on eBay allows affiliates to choose what they want to promote on their site.

This affiliate program is a good fit for any beginners looking for an easy place to start growing their affiliate marketing skills while building a decent paycheck.

2. Shopify

At Shopify, they support a number of different kinds of affiliates.

If you have a voice and an audience to reach, Shopify’s affiliate program is for you. Bloggers, social media gurus, YouTubers, business leaders, educators, and everyone in-between with a niche to reach are welcome on this platform.

The commission potential at Shopify puts this program at the front of the pack of top paying affiliate programs. Affiliates with Shopify have the ability to earn a little under $600 for every new Shopify merchant that signs up with their affiliate link.

3. Amazon Associates

Similarly to eBay’s Partner Network, Amazon’s affiliate program allows the affiliate to choose from a wide variety of products to feature on their site.

Amazon makes banners, side stripes, and products easy to post on your selected platform. With Amazon Associates, you can choose to list a singular item, best sellers, or specific search results.

If you need additional help getting started, this handy guide to Amazon’s affiliate program makes the process a breeze!

4. ClickBank

The affiliate program at ClickBank lands itself a spot on the list of top paying affiliate programs by offering up to 75% commission on the products purchased through affiliate referrals.

ClickBank offers tens of thousands of digital informational products like ebooks and software that you can choose from to find the right fit for your audience.

5. Rakuten

For the last six years, Rakuten has earned itself the title of the #1 affiliate marketing network. This title was earned through thousands of affiliates with over a 100 million orders placed worldwide in 2016 alone.

With Rakuten, you can make money from featuring products from well-known brands that work well with your platform.

Rakuten offers top of the industry quality in services and options for affiliates to choose from to drive business for everyone involved.

Get In With Top Paying Affiliate Programs

The keys to making money on your own time are staying motivated and finding the right affiliate program for you.

These five affiliate programs are an excellent place to start but aren’t the only options out there. Explore what’s available and start your path to financial freedom today!