5 Genuine Work From Home Jobs That Will Have You Making Money From Your Porch

It’s hard to believe that people once fell for scams like getting paid big bucks to stuff envelopes at home, but it’s worse to know that these scams still live – and thrive – today.

The good news is, there are genuine work from home jobs that provide legitimate, above-board income. The better news is that they are evolving as more people opt for a second income, a side hustle, or just a way to fill a few hours a week for some extra dough.

Put down the envelopes, read on, and get ready to see your wallet fill.

1. She’s Crafty

It’s a line from a Beastie Boys song, and being crafty may not make you as rich as the massive powerhouse rap group, but it’s one of the most up and coming genuine work from home jobs. And if you consider your craftiness an essential skill in your set, why not make money from it?

An article from Bringham Young University notes that crafts-oriented sites like Etsy.com allow people to make real money from home, no matter their medium.

You make your products (or make listings for products from other people) and determine all your parameters, including how many pieces people need to buy at once, shipping fees and timelines, your storefront, and more.

In exchange for listing on sites, you’ll pay fees or percentages of sales. But it’s an income you can count on and feel proud of.

2. Be the Host with the Most

Let’s make a trade!

Maybe you’re looking to earn money out of your home, and you know several others who are looking for space.

They may need childcare, a room to rent, a place to stash their stuff.

Work out a trade and you may be in the dough.

Each option has its requirements, especially when others are involved. If you’re going to open a daycare, for example, check your state’s requirements for licensing, education, safety, and more.

3. Phoning It In

Telemarketers get a horrible reputation that often, they bring on themselves, but you can help turn the tide while making money doing this work.

Telemarketing does offer genuine work from home jobs though. You just need to find the right gig.

One of the ways to find a legitimate non-scam opportunity is to go for a retailer you already know and trust. For example, in mid-2017, Amazon announced it was hiring virtual workers and a quick check revealed 212 open positions, including perks for people who speak fluent secondary languages, former military, and folks who are interested in part-time hours.

4. Who Let the Dogs Out?

You did!

OK, some genuine work from home jobs require a little bit of “outside the home” work, but it’s worth it!

If you can combine a love of animals with the love of the outdoors, you may be “loving” the extra income. Whether you consider working with pets your true calling or just prefer pets to people, it may be your perfect new income.

You can run a petsitting business from home, and even take in animals whose people are away for the day or longer. But depending on your pet preference, you may need to head outdoors for walks and to give them bathroom breaks.

Dogs, we’re barking up your tree.

Another option is to extend your “work from home” thinking into other peoples’ homes and petsit. You’ll visit the pets on their own turf and even stay over in the pet owners’ homes.

5. Be a Resale Superstar

If the thrill of the hunt combines with a knowledge of weird, old, antique stuff, re-selling may be right up your financial alley.

You’ll comb yard sales, flea markets, and online marketplaces, bring your treasures home to clean and prep, then relist them online on sites such as eBay.

At a minimum, you’ll need things like a good camera (it could be your smartphone) and a clear place to stage the items you’re selling. Of course, it helps too to actually know about the pieces, or be prepared to do a lot of research to get the best information and snag the attention of the people who will be paying you for the items.

Genuine Work from Home Jobs Still Require Safety Checks

Before you go rushing off to earn that cash, keep in mind that you should still vet everything about your new opportunity. Do some research, check the company out online where applicable, perhaps do a test run before fully committing yourself.

Have you had success with any work from home jobs? Run into any scams? Gotten calls from 419 workers? Join the conversation below, let’s help each other find the best legit gigs there are!

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