Setting Up Your Amazon Online Business is a Breeze

Have a dream of being an entrepreneur?

Many of us would love to run our business. To be able to make a living off of the work we love, accountable only to ourselves. It’s woven into the fabric of our country.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Thinking of the overhead, the learning curve, building a client base. It can all seem so intimidating.

But what if there were an easier option? What if you could go from the idea-stage to having an online presence with full support in just a few steps?

Starting an Amazon online business is the easiest way to open a digital store. As long as you have something you want to market, you can easily set up a fully functional web-store in just a few steps.

Below we’ll explore what it takes to set up an Amazon online business without any technical skills.

Determine Your Business

There are a few options available if you want to set up an Amazon online business. Each comes with their own needs and requirements. As with most business, the models that promise the greatest return require the most work, at least initially.

Here are three basic models you can follow:

Private Label

Interested in building a strong band that will build in value over time? Setting up a private label brand has you buying existing products, rebranding them and marketing and selling the products.

This can be with nutritional supplements, cleaning supplies, baby products and more. Pretty much any product you can think of is available for private label sales.

To help online sellers manage the logistics of this type of business, Amazon offers a service called Fulfillment By Amazon. FBA is an agreement that has Amazon take over the warehousing, shipping and even customer service aspects of your business. As long as you provide them with the product, they’ll manage all the other aspects for you.

This is the best path if you hope to have a brand that can develop its own value separate from the products you sell. However, the more work you outsource, the greater the costs.


Being an Amazon Reseller is the business of marketing and selling third-party goods through your online storefront.

Like a conventional retailer, you buy products from manufacturers at wholesale and then manage the marketing and sales side of things.

This allows you to sell already established and desirable products. The downside is that you may be competing with similar resellers. The challenge then becomes finding a way to bring the customers to your store.

Amazon Affiliate

Probably the easiest way to establish a passive income, an affiliate doesn’t directly sell products.

Instead, an affiliate generates the interest in a product and then redirects the customer to an affiliate link. That way, when the customer purchases the product, the affiliate gets a percentage for helping generate the sale.

Instead of requiring the additional costs of FBA, being an affiliate seller requires strong social networking skills. You need to create content that draws awareness to the products you want to promote.

Blog posts and YouTube videos are the best ways to generate this interest. Because of that, this type of seller best suits those who prefer the marketing part of the sales process.

Finding Success With An Amazon Online Business

Amazon wants you to have a successful online business.

By facilitating online businesses, Amazon benefits themselves. Therefore, they’ve made the registration process to be as simple as possible.

The important thing is determining what type of business you want. As soon as you’ve established what you want, you can have a storefront up and running in just a few steps.

If you’re looking for more ideas as to what type of business to run, or just need some inspiration, check out our business-oriented posts.